You will be in excellent company

Join the growing number of dealers and brokers who are maximising their data marketing through their very own custom-built Cloudstill.

JL Vans 

‘We have been with Cloudstill for 2 years now. Very impressed with the text message system that allows us to receive replies to our mailbox and respond directly from there, it is lively!’


‘Cloudstill has enabled us to strengthen our relationship with the customer rather than just with the manufacturer. It has put our data to use in so many ways that specifically benefit our dealership.’


‘We recently just got started with Cloudstill after recognising how valuable it will prove to be for us in the future. In the space of about 10 days, our Cloudstill collected over 20 Facebook reviews for us.’

Stockton Heath Car Sales

‘With over 1,500 contacts now in our Cloudstill, there is a lot of activity taking place. Everything is taken care of and we have collected over 300 five star Facebook reviews from it.’

Green Apple Leasing

‘Cloudstill looks after both our used-car site and our leasing side. We effortlessly drive renewable business by making personalised contact with every finance customer at key stages of their agreement’.

BVH Car Sales

‘Cloudstill is great for a lot of things but the prospecting capability is particularly helpful. We are notified when a contact is on our website and we can then see what they are viewing in real-time.’


‘Cloudstill carries out all of our marketing communications and notifies us when engagement takes place. It really is a top solution for driving background activity.’

James Wright Cars

‘Cloudstill is a secret weapon for the future. We see it as a long-term strategy that is vital to ensuring we remain competitive and take advantage of the opportunity data can bring’.

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4 important reasons for choosing Cloudstill

Turn endless hours of manual marketing and expense into a 2-minute job.

Take control of your data while remaining protected and secure under our integrity.

A great product and service at an unbeatable price will never require a contract.

We make sure every angle of detail is considered so your performance is second to none.

Do you already have data?

If so, let Cloudstill take it to the mill for you so you can get a head start.

Data collecting

JL Vans Case Study

A leading UK supplier of commercial vehicles with a stellar reputation.

“Having Cloudstill automatically communicate with each one of our customers in whatever way we see fit, well, that sold it for me really.

To have something like that, working away for us all the time within the background, delivering relevant content at accurate times is just an incredible addition to my business and it costs me next to nothing.”

Jamie Lewis – Managing Director